Vacation’s All I Ever Wanted

This week I will be writing to you from the chlorinated waters of Naples, Florida, and I will get this quiz published.

My father would advise me not to publicize this lest I open the door for would-be robbers. Let me just put it out there, I own literally nothing of value (here- I do of course have my off shore accounts), and all my house has in it is cats. So plan accordingly.


Wealth Management

Stop wasting money at the horse races, casinos, and the lottery. The financial step you have been missing!

A Friend in Need (1903) Cassius Marcellus Coolidge

Love the rush of gambling but don’t want to leave the comfort of home? No, not online gambling. There’s a better way to get that hit of adrenaline!

A caution to all though, this is not a beginners’ level tip here. But when you have financial organization and foresight like I do, it’s really quite simple:

*Set all your bills up on autopay

*Never learn/forget the withdrawal dates

*and roll the dice!

Every day is a day at Cesar’s Palace with this hot tip! Will you make it ’til payday or will you wake up to a negative balance? Only time will tell! Stay lucky!

Estate Planning Planning

I promise Choosing the Hill You Will Die On is almost done and will be posted soon. I have to say it is something of a magnum opus, and I have been cracking myself up with my own jokes all weekend.

Until Then and Most Respectfully,

Bit Bot