Increase Your Resale Value

Increase Your Resale Value

Learning about investing and money markets is tough!

I know retirement age and the quick slide into senility are appearing over the horizon like the Grateful Dead skull on top of your vintage VW bus. You are taking stock, depreciating in value faster than a Nissan Juke. You haven’t saved as much as you should have, and you didn’t listen when Alex Jones told you to buy gold.

Now the shelves of your fallout shelter are bare. The market is volatile, you still don’t know what bitcoin is, and your kids don’t return your text messages.
Never fear! As a certified personality appraiser, I am here to help!
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Coming Soon  
*Staging: Getting Ready for Your Open House
*Using Tinder to Inflate Your Stock Price
*Finding Your Personal Brand by Face Shape
*Designing Your Home Mailers
*Returning Telephone Calls & Opening Mail: Steps to Success
*Russia CPU and UP Codes: the Secret Connection Between Russian Hackers and the Hidden Calories in Your Hidden Valley Ranch!
*Facing the Board When You Still Haven’t Lost Your Baby Weight (From Your Birth)
*Paying for Plastic Surgery with Profit Sharing
*Dodging Uncle Sam: Which Body Cavities to Hide Your Assets 

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